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Friday, February 10, 2012

Stir Fried Chicken with Bacon, Chili and Mint

That's right... a stir fry with BACON!!  You knew it was going to pop up on the internet somewhere, right?  I mean bacon is in everything right now.  It's the "hip" food right now.  Or has that fad faded and I'm behind in the times yet again???

The great thing about this stir fry is that it doesn't just stop at bacon... no way.. add some Serrano chiles for a little heat, and some fresh mint for a little cool... and you have one of the better stir fry's I've made in a while.  The unfortunate part of that is that I cannot remember where I found this recipe.  I did a frantic search online and it still did not come up, so my apologies for not referencing where it came from.

The only down side that I can see was that the stir fry did get just a tad bit saltier than I would have liked.  Of course, that comes from the bacon - so my suggestion for you is this:  Blanch the bacon in boiling water for 2 minutes before frying.  That's it.  Blanching will help extract some of the saltiness from it.. and viola!, you're stir fry will be 100% AMAZING!!

Stir Fried Chicken with Bacon, Chili and Mint
Adapted by Jenn's Food Journey
Printable Recipe 
1/3 cup chicken broth
1 Tablespoon soy sauce
drop or two of sesame oil
1 teaspoon cornstarch
6 slices of bacon, chopped
2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces
4 Serrano chili peppers, seeds removed, thinly sliced or chopped
2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
2-3 Tablespoons fresh mint, finely chopped

In a small measuring cup, mix together the chicken broth, soy sauce, sesame oil, and cornstarch until well combined; set aside.

In a non-stick skillet or wok, over medium heat, cook the bacon until crispy.  Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon onto a paper towel lined plate.  Remove all but 1 tablespoon of the bacon grease.  Season the chicken with pepper and add to skillet.  Stir fry chicken for 5 minutes.  Add the Serrano peppers and stir fry another 2 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.  Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute.  Stir in the sauce and stir to coat everything.  Allow to thicken up, about 1 minute.  Remove from heat and stir in the mint.  Serve over rice and enjoy!!

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Debbie said...

Everything IS better with bacon. This might be whats for supper tonight!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

What a different and tasty sounding stir fry! I know this'd be a hit at my house, anything with bacon is instantly devoured. I love the mint in there. Every year I grow mint and every year I say what the hell do I do with all this mint???? Now I know!

Cranberry Morning said...

I'm reading this recipe and it looks fantastic all the way down to the...Mint?? Whoa! I've gotta try this.

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

The look of this dish reminds me of a dish I found in a French cookbook years ago called, in English, chicken and bacon. But it wasn't a nice quick stir-fry like this. I think I'll make this soon!

Jennifurla said...

This looks and sounds fantastic! What a cool combo of ingredients.

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking said...

Jenn, this meal looks so wholesome, delicious and flavorful! Wonderful dinner idea, and I love the idea of adding mint! Have a great weekend.

Pam said...

I love the spicy chili & the cool mint with the salty bacon combination. Great stir fry Jenn!

Mary said...

I love the combination you've used here. I love the use of mint with the chili. This sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Big Dude said...

For my version I'd probably triple the bacon amount and omit everything else but the broth and cornstarch. :-)

Candace said...

I'm in for bacon anytime! I had no idea you could blanch it to remove the saltiness. What an intriguing idea! This looks delicious, Jenn. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lea Ann (Highlands Ranch Foodie) said...

Bacon has always been "hip" with me. :) What an interesting combination of flavors. I'm with Larry, increase bacon...I'm surprised he didn't say he'd add an egg. :)

Mary said...

This sounds awesome. The best stir fry I've ever made combined chicken and bacon. YUM!

Yenta Mary said...

BACON!!! Can't go wrong with bacon! Such a great, easy, delicious dish ... :)

Chris said...

Nice tip on the bacon.

Flying on Jess Fuel said...

What an interesting combo!! I'm intrigued!