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Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo Friday - Breast Cancer Awareness

It's October, which means it's beast cancer awareness month.  Although, we as females, should always have that awareness at the front of our minds, this month.... PLEASE.. make it a point to test yourself... make it a point to educate yourself...  make it a point to make a difference, even if it's in a very small way.

My life was touched with breast cancer a few years ago when my aunt was diagnosed.  She is doing amazingly well now, but trust me, it makes me so much more aware of this cancer and what it can do.

Get anyway that you can!

And of course - don't forget to stop by and see what's cooking on Fire Day Friday at Our Krazy Kitchen.  Today's recipe:

And, of course, thanks (as always) for stopping by!

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Cranberry Morning said...

Everything you make looks so good, Jenn! I need to go see what's in the freezer so I can get it thawed in time to make dinner tonight!

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Wow! Two of my favorites - peanuts and pork chops - but I've never had them together before! Mmm ...

Pam said...

Thanks for the reminder! The pork looks tasty crusted in peanuts. MMMM good!

Angie's Recipes said...

Thanks, Jenn, for the reminder.
The pork chop looks mouthwatering!

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I think that it is great that they are doing something like this. People should know more about it and how to avoid it. Because it is the cancer more common among women in the world.

kaney said...

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