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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grilled Parmesan Green Beans

This an extremely simple side that everyone will enjoy!  Don't want to do it on the grill?  No worries, you can get the same results in the oven.  Trust me, I'm all about versatility - and this is yet another one of those recipes!

Oh... and by the way... thanks so much to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes last week!  I had a great day and of course had an even better time thanks to my mom and dad being here!  It was so great to spend time with them and so very hard to say goodbye.
Guess that's a sign that I'm grown up :)

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Grilled Parmesan Green Beans
Created by Jenn's Food Journey
Printable Recipe 
12-14 oz green beans
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
2 Tablespoons olive oil, divided
1 Tablespoon water
1 Tablespoon grated parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
garlic powder

Preheat grill to 350 degrees.  Rinse green beans and snap off ends if necessary.  Place in large bowl.  Pour lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil, and water over the beans and toss to coat.  Add the parmesan, red pepper flakes, and garlic powder and pepper to taste.  Toss again to coat.

Fold a 36x18-inch piece of heavy foil in half to make an 18-inch square.  Spray with non-stick cooking spray.  Pour the beans into the middle of the square.  Bring together 2 opposite edges of foil; seal with a double fold.  Fold remaining edges together to enclose beans, leaving a little space for steam to build.  Place packet on grill and roast for 15 minutes, flipping packet halfway through the cooking time.  Carefully remove from grill and enjoy!

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Yenta Mary said...

Oh, it's so simple but so beautiful! What a perfect side dish to go with almost anything ... :)

Care's Kitchen said...

so this is so interesting because just last night we were grilling lamb chops and I had french green beans... I was wondering how they would be on the grill??? I ended up lightly steaming them....can't wait to try this Jenn!!!! Thanks!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

These look good!! Side dishes on the grill I've not done much before but after seeing these beans I must change that :) After I dig the grill out from under the snow that is!! I've roasted beans in the oven and love how the dry heat concentrates their flavor, doing it on the grill is easier and doesn't heat up the house. Brilliant!

Candace said...

I don't think I've ever grilled green beans. What a great idea!

Katie said...

Now that's what I call "grillin' beans"...not the stuff that Bush's makes! Haha.

Pam said...

I've roasted green beans with parmesan but never tried grilling them - yum! Glad you had a happy birthday with your parents.

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh yes! Very tasty! Glad to see you included the garlic and peppers. Yum.

Victor said...

Can't believe that I missed your birthday. Well, happy belated birthday!

Ooo, I just published a side dish myself. Grean beans and parmesan, interesting combo to try out. Looks yum!

Michael Toa said...

I'd definitely enjoy this green beans. Oh Yum.
Nice to hear you had a great birthday :)

Chris said...

Cooking with "hobo packs" is an excellent way to cook your side dishes on the grill.

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