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Friday, August 9, 2013

A Basil Plant and a Pizza Stone......

I was going to share a recipe with you today, but I got a little behind and didn't have time to write up a full post.  Instead, I thought I would show you two new things of mine that I have thoroughly enjoyed recently.  My basil plant and my new pizza stone!!!

This is my basil plant:

She's a bit on the small side still, and I need to find a better place for her to get more sunlight, but otherwise, she keeps producing and I have saved major money not having to purchase any over the last few months.  It's been fantastic!!!

And now my pizza stone:

Okay, so it's not all that exciting to look at... but this stone (I have another one) is being used only on my grill.  And it makes pizza making a breeze!!  Okay, it makes pizza grilling a breeze, the pizza dough making part is still a stickler for me :)

AND last but not least... put them both together and what do you get?

Simple grilled chicken pizza with fresh basil!!!!
(if you really want the recipe, email me at

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Happy Grilling/Cooking!!

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Angie Schneider said...

Your basil plants are doing GREAT! I have never any luck with basil, no idea what I have been doing wrong...I look forward to your pizza recipe :-)

belleau kitchen said...

oh man, I need to get out and buy myself a pizza stone... it's one of those things you never think you'll need until you need it and I love pizza... amazon here i come!

Velva said...

Your basil and your pizza stone are going to bring to some delicious meals. Enjoy!


Carla TePaske said...

Yummy! I love basil! And pizza.

Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) said...

I want a grilling pizza stone! ... pouting. :) I'm assuming that basil plant is inside? I can't imagine growing basil outdoors where you live? Is that correct?

Chris said...

We have two pizza stones and they get used heavily. Not just for pizza but for anything you would use a baking sheet for in the oven. Cookies, appetizers, etc

Jean | said...

Looks gorgeous! If "the pizza dough making part is still a stickler" for you, come and see me. You will have no trouble with my pizza dough. I love that you're making it on the grill - you are The Queen of the Grill!