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Monday, August 5, 2013

Cumin-Chile Pork Chops

Some of you may have read about this in a post from a week or so ago, but I should probably officially announce that Chris and I are getting married!!  Yes, yes, it's true.  He actually asked me on Christmas day, but I'm not one to call a lot of attention to myself personally, so I thought it was weird to announce it on my blog.  BUT, since I don't have too much else to talk about and over the weekend I had my first experience wedding dress shopping, I figured now would be as good as time as any to announce we are getting married :)  And the wedding dress shopping experience???  It was fun... but it did confirm that I do not want a traditional wedding dress.  Not that that should shock anyone that knows me well, but at least it was a confirmation to me that I am still heading in the right direction!!

Anyway... sorry I rambled, but honestly, between having cookers block and writers block, I'm struggling with my posts.  So, just know, this was a great recipe and although I don't have the exact words to describe it, it was amazingly simple and packed with a ton of flavor.  What else do you truly need to know, right?

Cumin-Chile Pork Chops
Adapted from Food Network Magazine
Printable Recipe 
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 large jalapeno, stem and seeds removed and roughly chopped
1 garlic clove, quartered
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon brown sugar
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1/4 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
drop of sesame oil
3-4 pork chops (I used bone-in pork chops)

Add all of the ingredients, except the pork, into a food processor and pulse until smooth.  Place the pork in a shallow dish or resealable plastic bag and pour marinade over.  Cover/seal and place in refrigerator for 2-4 hours.

Preheat grill to 375 degrees F.  Clean and oil grill grates.  Place the pork over direct heat and grill 4-6 minutes per side or until the pork reaches an internal temperature of 145 degree F.  Remove from grill and allow to rest for 5 minutes before serving.  Enjoy!

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belleau kitchen said...

I can hear the bells!... who's doing the catering?

Big Dude said...

They do have lot's of flavors - hard to beat grilled chops, grilled corn, and a fiancee.

Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) said...

When are you getting married? And congratulations! I love the flavors for this pork chop!

Mary Bergfeld said...

I love the recipe, bIf you are looking for a dress those wedding bells can't be far away. He is a lucky guy. For the record, the two of you can visit my kitchen whenever you please. Have a wonderful day, Jenn. Blessings...Mary

Pam said...

Can't wait to see what dress you pick out! I really hope you share your wedding photos with us... please?

The chops look awesome - I love the chile-cumin combination.

Pam said...

Congratulations, Jenn! You must be ecstatic and I don't know how you kept it quiet for so long. I'm back now and have a lot of catching up to do, I see. Your pork chops sound great and I will be getting Chinese Five Spice soon! Thanks for the recipe! Here's to wedding shopping!

Rosita Vargas said...

Bello asado se ve muy delicioso,saludos y abrazos.

Chris said...

Congratulations! Chris is a lucky dude.