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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gotta show off my winnings!!!

So a couple weeks ago, I won a giveaway that Michelle over at All Home Cooking. All Year Long. was having.  You gotta check out the loot I got!!!

White Lily flour (which I've never used and am excited to try!), sea salts, both fine and course (love having sea salt on hand and I was completely out!! YAY!), Starbucks Pike Place roast coffee beans (I now have an excuse to go buy a coffee bean grinder!!), a dough bench scrapper (Martha Stewart I must bake more!!)  3 Madagascar vanilla beans (there is vanilla ice cream in my future with at least one of those little flavor boosters), and what I have been the MOST excited about....

Michelle's very own, homemade pure vanilla extract!!!  I so can't wait to try this...the smell alone as I took it out of the plastic bag was enough to make me want to open it and guzzle it down!  Made with vodka and ... guess what...Madagascar vanilla beans...which I have!!!

Thank you so much Michelle, all my goodies will definitely come in handy, I'll keep you updated on my uses of these wonderful products!

And to all of you...though I don't think my giveaway is half as cool as Michelle's was.. there is still time to enter for your chance to win!  There just may be an addition to the winnings I've already announced..but you have to enter to find out:  Jenn's 100th Post Giveaway!


StephenC said...

What a haul! So much food, so little time.

Andrea said...

I am insanely jealous of your haul! Pike Place roast is my FAVORITE blend at Starbucks :) And you got Michelle's famous homemade vanilla extract. Looks like I'm coming to Jenn's house for some awesome baked goodies :) Congrats on the win, can't wait to see what greatness you create!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you like it all! I use an identical bench scraper daily, for cutting dough AND for cleaning counters. It's especially helpful when you have floured your counter.

When you run out of beans, I recommend the Boston Vanilla Bean Company for their low prices.

Enjoy everything!