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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Introductions and a Thank You

I have been blogging for 8 months now, and I have showed you the view from my office, I have introduced you to our cats, and I have even shared Mr. T's opinion with you...but I have yet to introduce to you to the love of my ever willing taste better half:  Chris

Chris has been with me since the beginning.. the beginning of my blog that is.  Chris and I met through work.  He was what kept me sane during the last year at my previous job.  Chris makes me laugh..he loves my food...and he thinks my mom is funny.  How can I not love him??

Everybody... Chris.  Chris... everybody.

Now that you are friends....let's get on to the thank you part of the blog.


The other day I was greeted with two wonderful awards from two amazing bloggers: Yenta Mary (Food Floozie) and Beth (Two Monkeys & A Washtub). Thank you both so very much for the awards.  I am deeply honored!

Lately, when I have received an award, I have taken the easy way out and not followed the rules of winning the awards.  This time, well this time I guess I should probably do what I'm asked.  So...without further ado...The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award (which I just down two to go!)
2. Tell everyone 7 things about you
3. Award 9 other bloggers this award (I picked 8...sorry)

7 Things about Me:
1.  I am a DIE HARD Nebraska football fan.  Ok, maybe not DIE HARD, but I am a fan nonetheless.  I was raised in Nebraska and come football season, there was nothing else...You lived, breathed, and lived some more:  BIG RED FOOTBALL!!

2.  I spin fire...but those of you that have been reading my blog for a bit now, know this already.  What you might not know is that not only do I spin 2 poi (one in each hand), I also spin 4 poi (2 in each hand)...someday I'll get video out and share it with you.

3.  My biggest fear:  That people will not like my food.

4.  There were 55 people in my graduating class from high school.  What's cool is that I have reconnected with almost all of them through facebook!

5.  I've read every book Stephen King has written...even the ones under the name Richard Bachman.  Some of them, like the Gunslinger (The Dark Tower) series, I have read more then once.

6.  I think about food all the time.  At home, at work, in the shower, at my computer right now...all the time.  I think about preparing it, I think about eating it, I think about smelling it....I think about food ALL the time!

7.  One of my guilty pleasures (because I actually have a lot):  Dots

8 Bloggers I give these two awards to: 
 Thanks again to Mary and both rock!

Now...everyone go and create something amazing in your kitchen today!


Nicole said...

thanks girlie!

you spin fire?!?! thats so awesome!

Mary Bergfeld said...

First, my congratulations to you on your well-deserved recognition. Then my thanks for including me in the list of folks you want to share them with. I am most appreciative. I hope the day treats you really well. Blessings...Mary

Michelle said...


I think it's awesome that you spin fire. Totally cool. Very unique. Would love to see it in person!

And congrats on your new awards. You rock!

StephenC said...

Thanks for introducing Chris. Nice looking couple! I have not read all of King, but a great deal of it, including some Bachman. Love that stuff.

Aggie said...

Very cool about spinning fire! I can relate to #6 for sure!!

Thanks so much for sharing with me! :)

Chef Dennis Littley said...

Congratulations on your awards!!! You certainly deserve them!! Thanks for introducing us to Chris! Hi Chris and thanks for encouraging Jenn so we get to see all the great things she makes!! and you go girl I would love to see you spin thanks so much for sharing yourself with us today!!!

Bo said...

Jen congrats on the awards and thanks for passing it on to me...poi is very cool...I have done my fair share with glowsticks in the past, but I have always wanted to try fire.

Unknown said...

Nice to meet Chris, congrats on your award! I think about food ALL the time too! It is distracting..

Yenta Mary said...

I love learning new things about my friends! Especially things I would never even think of or presume. And Chris, it is absolutely lovely to finally meet you ... :)

Katrina (Betty Ray) said...

Thanks Jenn!! And Hi cutie Chris. Thanks for the awards. I'll try to follow the rules this time too (if that's what I'm supposed to do that is). Sorry, I'm such a newb. And I had no idea how "new" your blog is. It's so lovely, I just assumed you've been at it for years. :)

Chris Canterbury said...

Hello all! Nice to make my debut on Jenn's blog. Thanks to you all for the kind comments and feedback every day; it's encouraging for Jenn and best of all it inspires her to keep going and that is a good thing for me. ;)

Cranberry Morning said...

Congrats on the awards! And now we meet the great taste tester. :-)

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking said...

Congratulations on your own award, and thank you very much for passing it along, Jenn!