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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

If you gave Chris the option of Biscuits and Gravy or Country Fried Steak and Eggs for breakfast, he'd probably ask why he couldn't have both! :)

I don't make breakfast very often.  If I do, it's always on the weekends.  Chris is no fun to ask what he wants for breakfast anymore because he always wants the same thing...biscuits and gravy!! Now, don't get me wrong, I like biscuits and gravy, but I'm an egg girl... a fried egg girl if you want to know the truth... a fried egg on a toasted English muffin with melted cheese and bacon girl if you want know the WHOLE truth.  But when Chris actually makes a request of what he would like me to make, I jump on it.  Chris is wonderful in the sense that he always trusts that I will come up with a great meal plan for the week...he very rarely even asks what we are having for dinner...but it's frustrating when I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas and I ask him for suggestions and he just sort of shrugs his shoulders :)  My point being: when the man makes a request, who am I to deny him??

This is a simple recipe that most people probably throw their own twist on...but today, I'm just posting simple.  So simple, I didn't even make fresh biscuits...that's right.. Pillsbury worked just fine for us.  Feel free to make your own, they definitely make a difference and would have made our awesome breakfast even better, BUT laziness was in charge... I mean, come on, it was the weekend!!  And, if you aren't a fan of sausage, you can easily substitute bacon...mmmmmmmm...bacon AND sausage gravy!!!!

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
Printable Recipe 
6-8oz breakfast sausage (I say 6-8 because you might want more sausage, you might want less)
1 Tablespoon all purpose flour
1 cup milk (you might need a little more)
salt and pepper
6-8 warm biscuits (homemade or store bought)

In a cast iron skillet (you can use any skillet if you want, but cast iron works the best, I think), over medium heat, cook the sausage; breaking it up with a wooden spoon.  When the sausage is cooked (about 5 minutes or so) remove from skillet with slotted spoon; let drain on paper towel lined plate.  Do not drain the oil.  You should have at least 1 tablespoon of oil left, if not add some butter so that it equals a tablespoon.

Add the flour to the oil and cook for 1 minutes, stirring constantly.  Slowly whisk in the milk.  Let simmer until sauce starts to thicken.  Add the sausage back into the skillet and season with salt and pepper.  Let simmer for another 3-5 minutes or until the sausage is heated through.  Pour the gravy over the biscuits....Enjoy!


Big Dude said...

I don't have this often since I'm trying to stay off "The Biggest Loser" but I'd like to eat it everyday. And while it's hard to beat a good homemade biscuit, Pillsbury frozen works pretty well for me.

Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Canned biscuits are a life saver now and then. And who cares anyway that they're canned when your drowning them in this delicious gravy? I didn't realize it was so simple to make - can't wait to try!!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

This is one of our go to breakfasts when its cold & creepy outside. So easy and so DELICIOUS! Looks great Jenn, please save room for 3 more at your table, we'll be right over :)

Mary Bergfeld said...

This was my husband's father's favorite breakfast. I've noticed that when we travel in the U.S. it is a very popular breakfast item. Yours looks so much better than any I've seen served in restaurants. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Stephen C said...

Mmmm, that's got to be good!

Unknown said...

Grumble. Grumble. I must have one of these NOW! Bring on the's faster! :)

Yenta Mary said...

Fried egg on English muffin vs. biscuits and gravy ... why can't *I* have both??? This looks so, so good!

Chris said...

I am so far behind on blogging. Guess what WE had for breakfast last saturday? THIS! Seriously. It was **** good too.

Anonymous said...

I use those tiny brown and serve sausages in turkey flavor they come out great, throw in some butter with the flour, salt & pepper, some poultry seasoning and cook the flour, then put in some cold milk, whisking like crazy, plop the sausages in the gravy while the biscuits are nearly done, voila, open the biscuits up and put the gravy on them, then the sausage too.oh, my it comes out really really good, sometimes, i have extra mashed spuds, heat them up pipping hot in the microwave and put it on the biscuits, gravy and sausages, a meal fit for a king or queen...yummmmmmeeee just saying!